Third-Party Device Security Compliance

Third-Party Device Security Compliance

Our platform educates and enforces compliance of all your third parties’ devices

Why You Need It

If your policy is to secure your network, you probably already secure your own endpoint devices. Now, you can ensure that your third-parties’ devices (vendors, contractors, brokers, consultants, etc.) are secure, before they can get access to your information. Most devices have seamless login to servers and cloud services. This means that once a perpetrator has access to an unsecured device – anything that device can access may put your organization at risk.

How it Works

The AlertSec Ensure Platform is a U.S. patented technology that allows large corporations to educate, verify and enforce the compliance of third-party devices.

Access to the platform is achieved via a web admin portal. Here,  you can edit popup messages, select devices and craft educational communication. The platform has a built-in self-remediation capability for third parties. The system can be set to verify and enforce compliance checks. These checks include device encryption, antivirus, a personal firewall and updates of device operating systems.

Implementing the AlertSec Ensure functionality into the corporate network is done by injecting a small Java script at the site where third parties normally log in to get access to corporate resources.

How to Do It

By adding two lines of code into the login portals for your third-parties you will enable the full functionality of the AlertSec Ensure compliance platform. Devices will be automatically verified by our servers and all unsecured third-party devices will be forced to remediate prior to continue to log in to your site. Easy to implement and no administration on your part.

Multiple Browsers, Computers and Mobile Devices Supported

AlertSec Ensure checks PCs running Windows 7, 8, and 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise as well as Mac OS El Capitan up to Catalina. AlertSec Ensure also verifies that all smartphones running iOS (4.2.1 and later) and Android (4.2 and later) are secure before access is granted. AlertSec Ensure supports most browsers: Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser and Safari.

Device Security Detection

The compliance check is quick and initiates a one-time download of an agent when a device requests login. Once checked, all following logins for this device will be seamless. AlertSec Ensure is agnostic and detects any security flaw regardless of vendor or OS-native encryption. For smartphones and tablets, it also checks that Android devices are not rooted. In case a user fails the check there is a redirect where the user can remediate and get the device compliant.