Install a Java Script

After setting up a new customer account you will receive an email with login credentials to your AlertSec Ensure platform. The dashboard contains an easy-to-understand implementation guide, as well as the Java Script code needed to activate AlertSec Ensure on your web portal.

For each checked device, the customer dashboard will log and display IP-address, date and time, device ID, operating system and browser.


Once installed, your web login portal is secured by the AlertSec Ensure technology. Each device that tries to log in will be prompted to download an agent. The size of the agent is around 15 MB, and needs to be installed with admin rights the first time it’s downloaded. For smartphones, an app needs to be downloaded. Once the agent/app is installed, all future encryption compliance checks for this device will be seamless and instant. AlertSec Ensure is not installing encryption – it verifies that encryption is activated on the device.


You don’t need to train your technicians to maintain and administrate AlertSec Ensure. Once installed, it simply blocks unencrypted devices. Real-time monitoring of all device verifications is done from the dashboard.

Should there be any technical issues during the installation of the AlertSec Ensure agent, we have a 24/7 helpdesk available for all end users. Phone assistance during set up is also available.

The AlertSec Ensure agent is available as a generic .msi package, that can be included in a standard build or computer image.


No Device Enrollment

There is no need to enroll any of the devices that you would like to check for encryption compliance. The AlertSec Ensure U.S. patented technology is able to check the encryption status of all devices without having to connect them to a mobile device management solution (MDM). Strong authentication combined with AlertSec Ensure keeps track of all devices. You will be certain that every device that logs in to your network is compliant.


Targeted Soft Roll-Out

The blocking enforcement functionality can be turned off. Customers can start the compliance process with encryption self-attestation pop-ups. The AlertSec Ensure platform also provides several tailored educational pop-ups that explain the importance of endpoint encryption as a cornerstone for compliance.

It’s also possible to target specific IP-numbers and later, gradually, open up for more IP-numbers to go through the encryption compliance check.


Enforcement Override

Your administrator may also override the encryption check for specific devices if needed. This can also be delegated to AlertSec’s 24/7 helpdesk.


Browser & Operating Systems

AlertSec Ensure supports Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

AlertSec Ensure checks for full disk encryption on PCs running Windows 7,8, and 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise, as well as Mac OS El Capitan and Catalina. AlertSec Ensure also verifies that all smartphones running iOS (4.2.1 and later) and Android (4.2 and later) are encrypted before access to a network is granted.


Encryption Detection

The encryption check is quick and consists of a one-time download of an agent. Once checked, the next login will be seamless.

AlertSec Ensure is encryption agnostic and will detect any encryption, regardless of vendor or OS-native encryption, like BitLocker or FileVault2.

For smartphones running iOS and Android, AlertSec Ensure verifies that the pass code is activated and that the device is encrypted before access to your network is granted. It also checks that Android devices are not rooted. If a device fails the encryption check, AlertSec can provide help and assistance in getting the device encrypted.

Once the encryption check agent is downloaded and installed on a device, the agent can be re-used for device encryption checks on other websites/portals running the AlertSec Ensure technology. The device needs admin rights to install the encryption check agent on computers, but no admin rights are needed to run the encryption check.

There is no speed degradation on the device due to the encryption check. After the agent has performed the encryption check it remains inactive until next time an encryption verification is prompted.


Alertsec Ensure Servers

Each time a new device requests to log in to a website/portal, it connects to the AlertSec Ensure server. This triggers a download of the encryption verification agent. The AlertSec Ensure servers are based in the US, using mirroring and redundant back-ups for high availability.