Order & Delivery

To place and order or inquiry please email order@alertsec.com. We are able to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) if required. In case you wish to discuss an order please contact sales@alertsec.com or call (888) 839-7048.



AlertSec Ensure is delivered as a platform. Once the purchase contract is signed, an email containing the login credentials to the AlertSec Ensure platform is delivered. There are no U.S. export regulations applicable for the AlertSec Ensure platform.


Training and Setup

You don’t need to train your technicians to maintain or run the AlertSec Ensure platform. Once implemented, AlertSec Ensure simply blocks unencrypted devices. Should there be any technical issues during the installation of the encryption checking agent a 24/7 helpdesk is available for end users. Phone assistance during set up is also available.