“We believe security should be simple and available for everyone.

Therefore we distribute LAPTOP encryption over the cloud.”

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Ebba Blitz

President US Operations


Alertsec is a full disk encryption service for laptops.

System Requirements

When you sign up for the 30 day free subscription, you agree to the Alertsec Service Agreement.

Full disk encryption

Full disk encryption automatically protects all saved data on the computer so you can comply with privacy regulations such as   HIPAA, PCI, and SOX.

Login with your normal Windows credentials or utilize the preboot authentication. The login details are synchronized to provide a transparent user experience.

Laptop encryption as a service

Alertsec's cloud based information security service provides an easy and convenient way to protect information on your organization's laptops. No server, IT knowledge or training is needed as everything is included in the subscription. Alertsec helps you comply with HIPAA, PCI and SOX requirements. The implemented encryption has the highest security certifications - FIPS, Common Criteria and BITS.

These companies are changing the world. And, along with many more of them, they all use Alertsec.


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