Management Team



Ebba-from-banner-copyEbba has been on the board of AlertSec since the start in 2007. Since 2015 she is the CEO of the company.

“Enterprise companies generally have their IT security in place, but the SMB market is still very under served. We’re here to make security and compliance easy and available for all.”

Ebba has also been covering the tech sector as a journalist for more than twenty years and moderated events for some of the largest companies in the US and Sweden. She is a much-appreciated moderator and keynote speaker on IT security and compliance. 30 sec video with Ebba.


Ebba Blitz
Chief Executive Officer


Anders Loevstedt

BA from the University of Stockholm and more than 15 years in the IT security industry. Mr Loevstedt also played an important roll in the building of Protect Data/PointSec. Founder of Protect Data in Eastern Europe and Head of Technical & Support Department at Protect Data.




Anders Loevstedt
Chief Operating Officer


MSc. in Industrial Engineering. With over 20 years experience in IT security, Mr. Ahlberg has been playing an instrumental part in AlertSec since it was founded in 2005. Previous to AlertSec, he established and headed Pointsec UK, the first step in PointSec’s global expansion and market leading status.




Magnus Ahlberg
CTO & Director

Grigory Dymov

BSc. in Business & Economics. Broad experience in digital marketing, AdWords optimization, tech project management related to marketing, data analysis and statistics. Grigory works with all things digital, spreading the word about data encryption on the interwebs.




Grigory Dymov
Director Digital Marketing


Eva Virdi

With over 7 years experience with leading positions in the IT industry. Mrs. Virdi holds a Diploma as Financial Manager from the Institute of Corporate Finance.





Eva Virdi