How Does it Work?

AlertSec Ensure is a U.S. patent pending technology that will allow you to educate, verify and enforce encryption of third party devices.

Many organizations work with third-parties, such as partners, independent sales reps, subcontractors, brokers, consultants, and board members who have access to sensitive data from devices that do not belong to the corporate network. 

Data spends most of its time at rest, either stored on network servers or in cloud applications. Access to this data goes through endpoints, such as laptops, desktops, smart phones and tablets. Unencrypted devices put your data at risk in case a third party device is lost or stolen. That is why it is important to enforce encryption on these endpoints.

AlertSec Ensure checks and enforces encryption on all your third party computers, smartphones and tablets regardless of what encryption types they use.

Why you need it

All companies and organizations, that normally secure data when stored on servers, should also consider securing this data when shared to third party endpoints. Most devices have seamless login to servers and cloud services. This means that once a perpetrator has access to an unsecured device – everything that device can access may put your organization at risk. The risk of losing a device is far greater than losing a server. If your policy is to secure your network from hackers, you probably already secure your own endpoint devices. Now, you can ensure that your third party devices (vendors, contractors, brokers, consultants, etc.) are encrypted, before anything can be downloaded.

How you can do it

By adding two lines of code into the login portals for your third parties. Their devices will be automatically verified by our servers and all unencrypted third party devices will be forced to install encryption prior to continue to log in to your site. Easy to implement and no administration on your part.

Multiple Browsers, Computers AND mobile devices supported

AlertSec Ensure checks for full disk encryption on PCs running Windows 7, 8, and 10 Home, Pro and Enterprise as well as Mac OS El Capitan up to Mojave. AlertSec Ensure will also verify that all smartphones running iOS (4.2.1 and later) and Android (4.2 and later) are encrypted before access is granted. AlertSec Ensure also supports most browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, UC Browser and Safari.

Encryption detection

The encryption check is quick and initiates a one-time download of an agent for a device requesting login. Once checked, all following logins will be seamless. AlertSec Ensure is encryption agnostic and detects any encryption regardless of vendor or OS-native encryption like BitLocker or FileVault2. For smartphones and tablets it checks for encryption and also checks that Android devices are not rooted. Should a user fail the encryption check there is a redirect where the user can get more information on how to get the device encrypted.