System Requirements

FREE service for Windows 10 & 11

Operating system Editions Architectures
Windows 10 Home, Enterprise, Professional 32/64 bit
Windows 11 Home, Enterprise, Professional 64 bit

Required prerequisites for Win 10 Home:

  • TPM v2.0 or higher. (NOT required for Pro or Enterprise editions.)
  • BIOS mode configured as Native UEFI only.
  • Minimum of 512Mb contiguous disk space.

Encryption specification

  • Encryption technique: Sector-by-sector encryption.
  • Encryption algorithm: AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) 128 bit encryption.
  • Performance degradation: Less than 2%.

Standard configuration:

  • Password Length: 6 digits minimum.
  • Password Content: Upper AND lower case AND number(s).


NOTE: RAID Disks, Hybrid Drives or similar, Compressed root drive, Stripe or Volume partitions are NOT supported.


AlertSec does not support MAC OS, Linux or Chromebook.

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